January 30, 2018




Had our monthly interviews with president and it went really good. I really learn so much just in the 15 min I can be with him one on one. He invited me to study about the doctrine of hope. In our district meeting we talked about being more organized because God can’t work with us if we aren't organized. He is a God of order. One of my goals here in this area is to leave an impresion on this ward and this area so that they will remember me for 30 years and never forget me. I think it’s going good. I am doing the best i can and working my hardest. I may have another month and a half here but it is probobly that after 6 months of being in my first area that i will be changed. The time is really going so fast here and the nights are even faster! Perfect hope is Willingness to act. Doing what need to be done to complete Gods will.
Some times when i was at home doing a weekly planning wasn't the funnest thing but know i know why my parents did it. As missionarys we do a weekly planning so we can be organized and get as much work done as possible to improve the week that is coming. Doing a weekly planning will really help the next week of our lives be in order and not all over the place. I am so blessed to be in a ward that is willing to help! Even though some members don't help, we are able to work and do splits with the members to go visit more people. I have a seen a change in the members and the investigators. I can see the work moving 2 times faster in this area! ACTING, i may say a lot about acting, but it is so important! If we don't act we are not going to get anything done and God really is not going to want to help us.
Today we had an opportunity to help one of the ward members clean their roof and orginize a room that could just tell at least 10 years have gone by and never been touched. There was so much dust that we had to go back home and shower so that we can be clean for the day. The family Camargo that fed us this day are so amazing! They have a book of the missionaries that were in this mission from 1990's all the way to today when i had the opportunity to put my name in it. It was just crazy to see pictures and notes from missionaries from so long back.
Stake conference! The stake conference was by the temple so we were stressing about getting some investigators there and we ended up using 2 ubers to get everyone there and then some of our investigators drove themselves there. One man and his son got there late because he was trying to find enough money to pay for gas to drive there. He was only there 30 min but he loved it so much and told us that he is going to go next sunday. He really just has that desire to listen and to learn. Hermana Naumann talked about how RC are like babies and the members need to take care of them and if not God isn't going to bring more people because the members aren't willing to put their part in helping. President Naumann talked about False traditions and how in the church sometimes we start a false tradition and we are just loosing light and truth in the church but with good traditions we can bring a lot more light and truth!
SO COLD TODAY! I never thought i would be cold in Mexico but the cold and the wind just were killing me and i was so cold. There was no one outside because if i was cold they are all dying and dont want to leave. I think i know a little bit of what Elder A Webb is going through in Russia. Another thing here is that everyone is sick because of the change in the weather. There is not a single person that isn't sick because of how cold it is. Thankfuly i haven't gotten sick yet and i dont plan on it.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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