January 23, 2018



Fasting and testimony

Today was our zone conference and was really good. Something we talked about is how we all say ‘Inthenameofjesuschristamen’ all as if it was one word but we should really be thinking on how we end the preyers. In-the-name-of-Jesus-Christ--amen. We talked about how fasting and praying can become one.

Fasting is not just suffering and not eating for 2 meals but the most important part to make the fast and prayer so strong is the fast offering. As we are asking for God for help He is asking for us to give to others because if we are asking but not willing to give he is not going to give us anything. We need to pay our fast offering to be giving to others so Christ can be giving to us.
Did my personal study on the plan of salvation and what really called my attention during my study was how what God wants us to do here is to have joy and peace. He isn't just going to give it to us but we have to be working and looking. He has given us Jesus Christ to be our example and a guide for us. He has also called leaders to be a guide for us throughout the church.

It is so amazing that one of our investigators after 8 months of talking with the missionaries they got MARRIED!

In the night Elder Gamez wanted to try something new and making a cheese cake without an oven. WARNING! You can’t make a cheese cake without an oven, Maybe you can but it just didn't work out for us here! We ate it but just every bite had a burnt tast to it.

¡¡¡Happy Birthday!!! 1/2 for the birthdays here in the mission! The time is really going so fast and sometimes slow because in 6 days i will have 6 months!! Just so crazy!!! As we were teaching in the morning a family was sharing some things they have gone through the last 4 years and their faith in Jesus Christ was just so strong! Sometimes they said it was hard to believe but at those times is when their faith was growing stronger and stronger! Times in our lives are going to be hard and suck but we know as we live the gospel and keep the commandments God is going to help us and give us blessings!

In the night some of the members bought us shushi! Not the same as back in the states but never really thought that i would eat sushi in the mission!


Some days here are so hard when we are not just tired but have no energy. When the temptation is just to go back to the house to sleep but it is at these times that God really gives us the energy that we need to keep on going and working. Elder Astle and Elder Mejia had a baptism today and it went really well.


We went to the Visitor Center with some Investigators and i am so greatful to have the opportunity in my mission to have a visitor center where the spirit is always so strong and opens peoples hearts to the Lord. I love the part where we go through some videos that show about a family and the importance of a family. In the end there is a video about temple marriage and the family and it touches my heart so much and i know that it really shows the importance of the families here in the Plan of salvation.

Yo se que este iglesia es verdadero y José Smith fue un profeta y el restaurado la Iglesia de Jesucristo aquí en la tierra. Yo se que el evangelio puede bendecir los familias y podemos vive para siempre. Hay un profeta aquí en la tierra que puede recibir revelación y comunicar con nuestra Padre Celestial. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

-- Sincerely, Elder Webb


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