December 19, 2017



Lots of random things this week

!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
The joys of living in Mexico when the pump at the house stops working so we have to use buckets to get our water... and to shower we had to heat up our water on the stove and use that to shower with a yougurt tub! It’s a good thing they got it working that night! When we learn something with life it is so importand to not wait to ACT but to ACT in that moment. We always know what we need to do, sometimes we just don't act. I have really learned that we need to act before others act upon us making our choice and being firm with it. One of our investigators that I have been teaching the whole time that i have been here are finally working on getting married. We are hoping they will be married the 29 so that they can reach their baptism date and be baptized on the 30th. They have been taught by missionaries for 8 Months! I really know that with God everything is possible! There is nothing that he can’t do! Through the times that might be the hardest in our lives He is always there behind us keeping us going using the people around us to bless us.
Thursdays are always SO much fun with our weekly planning. We called about 100 future investigators that were contacted back in 2016 / 2015 so that we can become more organized with the work that we have. Sad, a lot of them didn’t want to have anything to do with us but a lot of the others we were able to plan a time to meet with them. We have been getting to bed at 11:30 to 12 just because of how much work we are doing in the streets and so much we have to do with the folders that has the information about everyone of the investigators. THANK YOU SO MUCH UNCLE DELLA Y UNCLE RUSTY!!! All the kids are loving the stickers that you have sent and really helps so much to keep them distracted as we may be teaching their parents. We have been passing by a lot of people that are high and crazy and sometimes they stop and talk to us. One lady was convinced that Elder Gamez couldn't speak any spanish so when he said one word in spanish she just freaked out and everyone in the area was watching so we just got our of there as fast as we could but it was so funny and crazy.
5 Elder 4 Beds 1 Bathroom...That was really fun because Elder Astle stayed at our house during the night because his other 2 companions were going to an orientation at the visitor center so for about 2 days we were in a trio and is was good but weird. Took so long to get ready in the morning because of how many elders were in our house trying to make food and shower and it took a lot longer than i thought it would. It was super sad because one of our investigators is going to have surgery and he just was so depressed told us that he didnt want to take our time that we can use to teach others. A combie (a small box van) hit a person on a motorcycle and it was crazy with all the cars that wanted to pass and no one here has patience, they just honk their horns and start hoping that cars will move. It is so funny when there is a red light and they start honking for really no reason.I am really learning on how to get along with people that we may not be getting along with. We will never get along with everyone but with the people that we don’t we really need to talk with them and try to see things how they might be looking or thinking about things.
We went to one of the member’s houses, they had made 200 cupcake pan things and we helped them wrap them anx put a light the world card so we can give them out to the members on sunday. The members here are awesome! We went and ate with Martha Luna again and she is just so nice to us. She loves to practice her english with us. She always talks about how bad she wants to serve a mission with her husband but he really doesn't want to do anything with the church. It is really helpful with having the visitor center in the mission we were able to take some investigators and it helps them so much. The spirit teaches so much there and works so well with everyone opens the hearts of people who might not have wanted to. Our mission leader for the ward is leaving until january so they invited us to eat with him and he had made shrimp and fish soup but he loves to make it as weird as possible. Was really good but just had to get past how weird the food really is.
We handed out bread to all the members personally and invited them to just send an invitation or a message to a friend and share something with them. I could tell that the members really felt our love for them and their trust became stronger with us. We just did something small but i could tell how it really lit up their lives and changed their day. My invitation to all is just do something small to change someones day for the better. The work here is so hard not easy at all! Life isn't supposed to be easy and never will be but we have been given hard times to make us stronger so when the next hard time comes along it really will be easier and we will be able to get through everything.Took Miguel, Azul, Leanardo to the visitor center and talked a lot about the plan of salvation and families. He works so much here making tortillas he is there everyday from 7 until 9 working all the time. We are hoping he can close on sundays and come to church and spend some time with his kids. We went to a part of the visitor center that talks a lot about families. Our families are so important to us— to everyone— and we should put God first and then our families. Knowing that God will bless us and our families if we keep going with the gospel. Having faith and trust in him we all know that God can keep his promisis and we should never forget that because as he makes a promise with us through the Book of Mormon he will keep all of them as we keep our promisies with him.

​Scripture for the week!
Moroni 7:47-48​

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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