December 12, 2017



Give your all

Praying with faith is so important! We can pray but we need to do it with faith really knowing that he will answer our prayers and help us through our problems that we may be going through or help others that we are praying about. How can we help investigators or less active members become more active in the church? Something that i have noticed here is people go inactive because they feel useless in the church or just going through some hard times. I know that as we show our love for our brothers and sisters and help them feel the Lords love in their lives... really just taking some time to get to know them.
We did some service today helping prepare some food. We helped with washing the (maiz) which is big white corn for pasuly and we washed about 3 kilos of them which is about 50 hand fulls i would think. It was a lot of fun!! something really small and simple but really helped one of the members out in their day! My love for the members here really grew and their trust in us has grown and they help us so much with the work. i am really seeing that we are becoming one with the ward!
One of our investigators that we have is like a little kid even though he is 36 he works in a tortilla making shop and has 1 little boy (12) and one little girl(9). When we teach him something his eyes just light up with joy and i can feel the spirit really testifying to him saying that these things are true and the promises that we give have blessing as keeping the promises. We have been going through a rough last few days because we have had such a hard time with finding people in their houses or even in the street. Our progression wasn't going anywhere and we were becoming frustrated and wanting to just go home but that is when God will give us the energy that we need. As we give one more big push to keep on going until that last hour in the night and having all our faith and trust that as we give our all he will bless us on one way or another. In everyday life as we go through a hard time we might not feel like we have or are being helped until the last push that we can give to keep on going and following the path that he has for us.
At 9:30 am we went to the stake presidents house and we helped him with prepareing an anniversary for his brother. When they have a fiesta here they don't go small its always BIG! We did a lot of washing and setting up tables and chairs! They are so awesome though and I just love helping the members out because it really changes their day and i can tell on sundays that they are happier. One member here fed us on Saturday and was amazing! She was so nice i feel so bad because her husband isn't a member and her 2 kids are less active i can tell how sad she feels in her heart she really wants to seve a mission and she speaks really good english for someone who learned on their own. The family proclamation is something we all should read and follow in our families. I have really seen how it helps the families here that have nothing really become strong as one and keep on going as a family.
We walked all over our area today and we walked in one huge circle. We couldn't find anyone and nobody wanted to listen to us and it was another really hard day until about 8 pm we were able to find someone who really is interested and wants to learn more about our church. Really is crazy that we go through so much and it’s not until the end of the day, tired walking all over the place, when we see the miracles God gives to us as we keep our faith in him.

A Yearning For Home from Dieter F. Uchtdorf
"If you have falterd,failed,feel broken, bitter, betrayed, or betten-Know that you are not alone. God still calls you."

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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