October 31, 2017




3 MONTHS!! the time has gone by fast and slow it really is crazy! We had a zone conference and it was really good! like always! We talked a lot about the light of christ and how it really is everything in the world and how the holy ghost works through the light of christ. I really didn't know that the light of christ is a power and it is everything.
Elder Barron and I felt horrible this day. Some food that we ate yesterday really destroyed our stomachs. We left the house and later in the day we went back to the house early because we just couldn't do it. We worked in our folder of new investigators calling people or trying to translate the writings of other missionaries. It still was a day of a lot of work and doing a lot of things. There is still a lot more with this that we have to do.
10/27/2017 In my personal study i have been reading a lot in the book of mormon and i am in 2 Nephi about Through God we really can do anything! How with this we need to build our faith on the rock of our savior. We ended up doing a lot of walking to make up for yesterday. We both felt a lot better today! We searched for a lot of houses and sometimes it can be so hard because there are so many houses and they don't all show the nubers of the houses. The hardest thing to do here is to find where people live when we don't have a phone number for them. It is crazy how much contacting we do in one day. We give out a lot of invitations to a lot of people! There are so many people in one area in our area.
I don't know why today but there was a lot of fiestas and they are all so loud. Most of them were in the streets and It was one person singing and people clapping. We were trying to contact someone by the fiesta and we could not hear anything it was so loud. It wasn't any better because the young man we were looking for wasn't home. Reyna y Nava is one of our investigators that needs to get married. It really is the biggest problem here in Mexico. He started a job that he works 6 in the afternoon until 6 in the morning. It is good that he was able to find work but we are worried it’s going to be hard for him to come to church. We had a ward activity and it was a lot of fun. We had vollyball, soccer and basket ball. It was really good for our investigators! One of the families we are teaching came to the activity and made a lot of friends in the church and it was really good! the dad has a baptismal date but we are working with his son and daughter to gain a testimony. It is really good that their mom is a member and they are married. It really helps their family.
The time changed here and it threw us off! it went back an hour. The other elders in the house started to get ready for church at 5 because of the time change. In the afternoon we had an activity with the recent converts and with the president of the mission. It was really good he talked to them about the importance of going to the temple and staying strong in the church until the end. As we were walking a man came up to us and i was a little scared at first because he was a scary man. Then he asked if we were mormons and if we could go to his house this next sunday and teach his family and him. He also told me in english that mexico is crazy he spoke good English. He said he was from Chicago.
Today was crazy because at lunch we ate chicken feet! It was very interesting and i don't know if i like it or not. I don't think i would eat it again. I can really tell that my spanish is improving, which is good but still is not perfect. In 2 nephi 9 It really is crazy that after we are resurected we will have a perfect knowledge and we will know everything and we will really be perfect. We did a lot of walking again today because no one was home or we couldn't find the house or sometimes the people have passed away. I tried pesquicitas which is the neck of the chicken and was really good, but at the same time, if i really think about it, disgusting because i never thought i would eat this part of the chicken in my life.
Sincerely, Elder Webb


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