October 20, 2017




In our lives we really have so much to learn, so many things that will be hard in our lives and so many things we will learn through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is a teacher for us and testifies of the truths of God... Testifies of God. Something i really have learned while on my mission is being organized. When we are organized there is so much more we can get done. So much that will help our lives be not as stressful or not as hard. When we are organized with our time we realize how much time we spend doing really just one can be good or bad but one thing for too long can be bad.

As a missionary looking for people can be the hardest thing. Finding new investigators, contacting random people on the street that we know nothing about. It is really the most important work to do because when we don’t contact we don’t have anyone to teach ... and no one to teach ... well we can’t do anything else past that point to continue the work. As we read in the scriptures we should apply what we learn to ourselves. The scriptures are the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as we live the gospel in our lives we will be helped. There are so many ways that we can apply our lives in the scriptures.
​My understanding of ​people is becoming a lot better! Still a lot of words that i don’t know so it can be hard but I really am progressing! which is good lol. Something i have learned here is that hard times will make us stronger. Everyone goes through hard times but it these times when God is closest to us helping us through our problems and carrying us. It will build our faith in our savior who really has felt all the feeling and pains that we are going through. He knows what we are going through in our lives.
​Something i just really thought about in this week is having faith and trust in God and Jesus Christ. They are there in every hard time that we are going through and they will always help us up when we fall down but we have to give our all to continue walking and continue moving forward. One of our investigators Simon he really is amazing always so much fun teaching him because for my self i learn so much and am always able to express my thoughts to him and my feelings and really teach with the Power of the Holy Ghost. He works so much and he lives in our area for work but his town that he goes back to every once in a while the closest chaple to him is 1 and a half hours away. We are really hoping that he is going to the church but we really don’t know for sure. When we have questions in our lives the only person that knows everything is God and we should ask him with every question we have in our lives and he will help us and guide us with the Holy Ghost. He works through the Holy Ghost to help us with all of our problems.
4 more days until i have been on my mission for 3 months! it really is crazy! Reyna y Nava who are investigators have something to them that they are looking for... something to help them in their lives and they are really investigating the church. I can tell that there is somthing that they want the Holy Ghost to help them in their lives and their kids lives. The only problem is they need a job and to get married but it is something that will test their faith and help them grow to become stronger. I think somtimes for investigators being baptized really is an act of faith for them sometimes and always will be hard. Same as we go through hard times we will be helped because we are all children of our hevanly father and he wants to help us and guide us.
​When we put our faith and ​and trust in the Lord we also need to work hard and give our all as we work hard and give our all we are showing our faith and trust to him that we are giving our all and we need his help to complete what he wants us to do. As we are working hard we need to make goals and have plans to help us with the goals. As we make plans that will help us reach our goals we will need to really give our all to do our plans and reach our goals putting our faith and trust in him that he will help us through our problems and all our hard times! and we will be able to make it to our goals!
In our lives we do something that helps us a lot and that is having a budget and living that here on the mission. We don’t get a lot of money but we have enough to be able to get through the month if we budget our money and we will be blessed and we will be able to help others through with their problems or hard times with what we have been blessed with.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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