October 15, 2017




A thought to think about for the people who are reading this. How come Lamen and Lemuel have seen so many things that really show there is a God but their faith only lasts for a little amount of time? They always end up going back and murmuring about all of their problems. Some days can be hard here when we know there are so many people to teach and so much work to do but a lot of the time we can’t find the house or we do and they are never home or they work 24/7 throughout the whole week. In our lives and in this work it is so important for us to have faith. Faith that when we go through a hard time that we know it will be all okay and know that through these hard times we grow stronger and stronger. Through faith we can do everything. There is a power to having faith that is amazing. This power that we can’t see God or Jesus Christ but when we believe and have faith we can do the impossible.
​We had splits today so me and Elder Astle were together for 24 hours. We can talk okay but we really both had a hard time with understanding people. It really was a test of my faith that i would be able to not die, get robbed or lost throughout these 24 hours. ​We really only tried to make appointments with people so it wasn't hard but when they had questions i felt so bad when i couldn't understand what they were saying.
We have an investigator that we started teaching his name is Hugo his wife is a member but not his 2 kids. we just barely started to teach them and it is good having his wife as a member. His job is in the police so he was saying that somdays it’s really insane and crazy. He feels like there are somethings because of his work that he cant repent of. He really is interested in the church which is good and he has been praying and reading every time he can. We taught him the importance of prayer and really prayer is showing our faith to God. When we pray we are talking to him and we are showing how much we love him. When we pray there really is a person who will listen to our problems and really cares for us no matter what problems we are going through.
I don’t know why but all the nights here feel like 10 minutes long i really feel some nights that i didn’t even sleep at all. We only taught 2 out of 5 that we had planned for in the day Ruben and Isela they are really good investigadors and Isela knows she wants to be baptized but Ruben is not sure. He is in one of thoes times where he feels lost and like he really is away from God we really all have had those time and in these times we should alwasys be turning towards Heavenly Father to help us through the times. Like in Chapter 8 of first Nephi. We have to hold on to the iron rod or find the iron rod in our lives to help us return to God.
I have lost 15-20 lbs in my mission so much walking! it really is crazy how much we are walking in just one day. We has changes today our district leader left and Elder Barron is the new dosrtrict leader and Elder astle got his new companion. In our house one elder left for home and got a brand Elder in the house he is from lima peru some times he is so hard to understand.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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