September 29, 2017



My week

We ran out of our gas for our boiler so we had to shower with cold water ... that really sucked lol. We had a district meeting with the zone leaders and the assistants to the president and that was a little sressful but it went well.We taught a new investigator, Gabriel. It went well, he is nice and is willing to listen to us which is really good. He knows a lot of stuff so it is hard to teach him because he thinks he knows everything. We were able to go to the temple with some RC and we did confirmations which was really cool! It is a lot harder in Spanish. Well, truthfully I have never done it in english lol.
We went to the visitors center to learn more about it and what it has to offer to our investigators and it was really good to be able to see and to learn.We had to clean the whole church for Eva's baptism! It went really well. There was a lot of people there and i had to give my testimony. We have to wait till next sunday to confirm her but it went really well and i am so excited for conference!
My spanish is improving so much! I just have a hard time with knowing for sure what they are saying but i usually know what they are saying. I am able to reply or start a conversation which is good. We do a lot of contacting so it really helps improve and studying in the scriptures has helped a lot in english and Spanish. We taught Ivan who has 6 to 7 kids lives in a small house with 3 beds and it is really sad to see he works all day and it is reallly hard to find him at home. Ruben and Isela are Progressing well. They are always giving us fruit and they are working towards getting married which is amazing. The only thing is how much time is that going to take? They also gave us corn with mayonnaise and cheese it was really good! So good!
I was able to listen to general conference in english! it was really good! I love how Dalin H oaks talked about studiying the word of god! it was really good because we learn so much from the word of god! The book of mormon the prophets and apostles words.
When we have trust and faith in god we will receive revelation and our hard times will become stronger when we turn to god and ask for his help. We all are here for a reason and we are all good enough to be here if we ask for help and turn to god he will help us improve our lives and help us to help others around us.
A dog tried to bite my was the first dog lol. We have a man who comes to church but he can't stop drinking and it is very sad because i know he has so much potential but he can't stop to feel the spirit. We are always contacting..... so much contacting.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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