September 11, 2017


Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong


Elder Stansfield



This week was a pretty interesting one here in TKO. This week consisted of a lot of finding because all of our investigators have been baptized. Right now our teaching pool is really quite small but luckily it is because people got baptized not from them dropping us.

Luckily for us missionaries though, we are not alone. Our ward mission leader is magnifying the heck out of his calling and searching diligently for new investigators. While us missionaries certainly are here to find people, the members make finding so much more effective. When it is a member, rather than a missionary, reaching out to some of these people they can be a-lot more receptive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even the prophets have told us that finding through members and working with members is the most effective way to do missionary work.

Also this week in preparation for the next general conference I've been reading through all of the talks from this last conference. I was reading the talk "Certain Women" by Linda K. Burton. She talks about some of the women who followed Christ during his ministry, one thing she pointed out was the usage of the word "certain" to describe these women. It got me thinking of how important it is that we are certain in our testimonies of Christ. The more certain and solid our testimonies are the better we will be able to overcome our trials and temptation.

Luckily for us the Lord has provided a way for us to know of a certainty of Christ and his love and sacrifice; we have the Holy Ghost to guide us and reveal to us these plain and precious truths of the gospel. Anyway, I hope y'all have a good week and find some opportunities to be more certain of your testimony of Christ. Add oil.

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: Elder Ashton says it wasn’t as hot this week and he thinks he might be adjusting to the warmer climate there. His gauge is that they don’t set the AC at the church as low now.

Fun fact 2: The talk Elder Ashton is referring to from April 2017 General Conference can be found here:

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