March 13, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Beeson

Flight Plans!!!!!!!

March 13, 2017


This week was another fantastic week at the MTC, but it was extra special because we got our flight plans. I'll be departing the MTC at 3:30 am March 20th and eventually arriving in Hong Kong on March 21st at 6:55 PM Hong Kong time. It's kinda weird to look back and see how far we've come in the last 8-ish weeks but It has flown by.

This week we were practice teaching with one of our teachers and right before I was about to extend a commitment to study some scripture, I felt prompted to invite her to go to the temple. The temple is a divine gift to us where we can be blessed with the spirit and rest from the evils and temptations of the world.

For our Sunday meetings we were discussing the topic of enduring to the end and someone shared a talk by Pres. Bednar where he said that enduring to the end shouldn't be a painful or hard experience but one of joy. As I heard that I thought of President Hinckley's talk about having an attitude of gratitude. If we look at everything in our life with gratitude even our trials we can find so much joy.

I'll leave you with the words of my branch president, he said that we need to keep hoeing to the end of the row. Just because the end is in sight we can't stop working but instead we should do an even better job till we are finished.

Warm Regards,
Elder Ashton

Fun Fact 1: Elder Ashton was made district leader, and he is the travel leader for his group when they fly to Hong Kong next week.

Fun Fact 2: The missionaries who are from the US and flying to Hong Kong are going via LAX, but the missionaries who are from other countries and flying to Hong Kong have to go through San Francisco. He said because of customs.

Fun Fact 3: Elder Ashton gets to call home during his layover before he flies from LA to Hong Kong and his mom is pretty happy about that.

Fun Fact 4: Elder Ashton will get a mini P-day on Saturday because he’s traveling Monday-and he’s excited to hear when his sister gets her mission call.


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