February 27, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Beeson

I think I'm turning Chinese

Feb 27, 2017


This was another great week at the MTC. We spent most of our time teaching and learning as usual but this we got our full Chinese names and our Chinese name tags. I'm getting so close to being out!

My Chinese name is Au Ji Hahng which means wisdom and balance, which I thought was fairly neat. So with the name, I have pretty much assimilated into the culture :) . We sent off a few of our Mandarin speakers in our zone so we now have a very short supply of people here. Luckily another Mandarin and Cantonese district come in on Wednesday.

This week my companion and I taught the priesthood lesson about repentance, it went really well. It is so amazing that we have the Atonement and the ability to repent and improve every day. God loves us and is so merciful. We taught about the story of the Prodigal Son, which is wonderful, but we talked about the elder son and shared a video by Pres. Holland called the Elder Prodigal Son, which explains the story so well.

I'm so happy that as a missionary I will be able to help people repent and grow closer to God. Missionary work is Great! Have an Excellent Week!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact #1- Elder Ashton wants to tell his Primary kids: Leihdeih Haih Sahn ge Yihleuih Tuhngmaaih TinFuh Ngoi Leihdeih (Pronounced Lay day Hi saan guhh y ee loy tung my Teen fu oi Lay day)-which means “You are God’s children and Heavenly Father loves you.” And that Missions are great!

Fun Fact #2- Elder Ashton says the beds are fine but he does miss sleeping in a little.


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