January 30, 2017


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This week has been great! We taught our investigator A-ching for the past couple of days and we gave her a Book Of Mormon or Moyimunging in Cantonese. Even though we weren't able to communicate very well in Cantonese the spirit was there to convey our message. It turned out that our investigator was actually our teacher but it was still great. This week we will begin teaching our next two investigators Maggie and Tyler (they are actually our teachers) and I am so excited to share the word of God with them.

This week during choir we sang “Joseph Smith's First Prayer” during our devotional on Tuesday. As we were singing the line where God says “This is my Beloved,” the spirit was so strong. If you haven't read through the first vision recently-read it again. Reading through it prayerfully will bring such a great spirit.

The director, who is quite a swell guy, also told us about the story where Jesus walked on water, when Peter went out to greet him he began to look at the waves around him he began to sink. Peter, as he was sinking, reached out to the Savior and he was lifted up out of the water. Jesus Christ can lift us out of the water no matter how far we have sunk even if we are at the bottom of the ocean, we just have to reach out for Him.

In my personal study this week I read through Alma 34 which everyone should read. It is an awesome testimony of Jesus Christ. If you have the chance, read through it.
Anyway, I'm still chugging along here at the MTC, but missions are great and the Book of Mormon is awesome!

Elder Ashton


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