January 23, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Beeson

Lei hou

1st p day is started. This week at the MTC has been incredibly awesome and super crazy. As soon as I walked into the classroom the teachers were speaking Cantonese and I couldn't understand anything but after some longsuffering I eventually began to pick up what they were saying.

My district is pretty cool, my companion Elder Beeson is from Mesa AZ and there are several elders and sisters from the Philippines and several from the UK. The third day of class we began teaching our first investigator in Cantonese, needless to say it was a train wreck, but our second lesson went fairly well I thought.

Apparently Cantonese is the second hardest language for English speakers to learn just behind Finnish so that's pretty neat. The MTC is great though because we get to feel the spirit all of the time.

Today we got the chance to go through the temple with elder Banihit who went through for the first time. It was awesome; nearly our entire zone was there for him.
During our district meeting, the branch president’s wife taught us to try and think of everyone as someone who has the potential to become like a god or goddess and that missionaries help them realize that potential, I just thought that was neat.

I don't have much else to say seeing that I spend most of my days either studying or in a class trying to understand Cantonese. I am happy to report that things are fine and dandy here at the MTC hope things are going well in Colorado.

Hachigin (Cantonese for see you later)

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