September 19, 2018


Kowloon City


Elder Bell

Typhoons and Transfers


So this week was a pretty odd one here in the China Hong Kong Mission. This week we had Mission Tour, MLC, a massive typhoon, and transfer calls came.

Anyway, things were great, although it feels a little weird because we were stuck inside for two days. Mission tour was awesome, we had Elder Meurs and Elder Homer from the Area Presidency come and train us for like 7 hours and then on Friday we had mission leadership council and they trained us for another 4 hours.

It was super great though! We are so blessed in this mission to have so many General authorities come and train us. The big focus of the meetings was on teaching repentance and baptizing converts every month. One simple but pretty cool thing we heard was that if you believe that you can teach and baptize people every month we will be able to but on the other hand if we think that there is nobody to teach and we can't baptize anybody then we for sure won't baptize anyone. It seems very simple but it's true when we come to believe that we can't do something or start to limit our idea of what the Lord can help us do we limit ourselves and prevent our selves from receiving the blessings that the Lord has prepared for us.

Another thing they emphasized a fair amount was the Book of Mormon. In the Preach my Gospel manual we have been told that the Book of Mormon along with the spirit is our most powerful resource in conversion. So since it is so powerful we should definitely be using it to help people being converted to the gospel. If you talk to members about how they came to know that the church was true 99.999% will probably say that the Book of Mormon played an essential role in real and lasting conversion.

Also, this week we got hit my Typhoon Mangkhut which apparently is one of the biggest typhoons to hit Hong Kong in the last while. We were pretty safe though; we just stayed inside for 2 days and watched as the Typhoon blow around garbage and ripped down some signs also the metal doors at the street market across the street were ripped open. Since we live in the super dense part of the city there weren't many trees to uproot. We had to visit the mission office in Kowloon Tong and it was a different story there. There were massive trees strewn all over the road and branches everywhere. The elders up there went out and helped clear the roads. Things are pretty much back to normal here though.

And also, this week transfer calls came and I found out I am being transferred to Kwun Tong, which is the area between where I am now and my first area. Once I get there I will have served in 4 of the 5 units in the stake. I'll be going there in a Zone Leader companionship with Elder Rodriguez who came one transfer after me. Anyway, hope that y'all have a good week!

Elder Ashton

P.S. Thanks for all of the prayers for the safety of the people here!

Fun fact 1: A couple of his former companions must be serving up by the mission offices because they were in the pictures that the church shared in their article about the cleanup efforts here:

Fun fact 2: He seems to already know his new companion, Elder Rodriguez, who he says is from Florida.

Fun fact 3: Two videos he took from his apartment during the storm here:
And here:

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