June 4, 2018


Kowloon City


Elder Madsen

Hello Everybody!


This week has been a pretty good one here in 九龍城, not too much crazy happened just normal missionary work, but things are super good.

This week one thing that really impressed me was one of our members Brother Cheung. He is such a stud! We called to see if he could help us teach a lesson and he was like, uhh maybe let me check some stuff and I'll call you back. Then later he called back and was like, hey I can help. It turns out that he just was taking some time to rearrange his schedule so he could help us teach. He is such a great example he is so willing to drop everything so that he can serve the Lord.

Also, one quick thing from studies this morning I was reading a talk called "Remember how merciful the Lord hath been" by Neal A. Maxwell from April 2004 conference. He said "if various trials are allotted to you, partake of life’s bitter cups, but without becoming bitter." I love that statement. In our lives we face a mountains of different trials but how we respond to them is entirely up to us. We need to constantly strive to be agents to act not to be acted upon.

That is a lesson that I've come to understand on my mission. Sometimes we have hard days. Like, you wake up knowing that you have to go finding for 7-8 hours in the summer heat because you couldn't schedule anyone that day, but it is entirely up to us to decide how the day will be we can respond positively and enjoy it or we can feel sorry for ourselves and suffer. Anyways hope y'all have a good week!

Add Oil! 加油!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: If you're interested in watching/reading the entire talk he refers to, it's Neal A. Maxwell's last conference talk and is very sweet and full of wisdom. It can be found here:

Fun fact 2: The roller coaster you see in the pictures attached is inside a mall called Dragon Center that is attached to a metro stop where they can get inexpensive food. The coaster has not been in operation for several years but it still looks cool.

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