May 7, 2018


Sheung Shui


Elder Finch

The Heat is Back!!!


This week has been another amazing one here in Hong Kong! As you can tell be the subject line, the summer heat is coming back, but along with it we have been seeing so many blessings! I kind of forgot how Hong Kong summers feel, but thank goodness for AC. And luckily the trains all have AC, so trips to different parts of the area are a nice break from the heat.

Things are going great here though, our investigator Tsang To Ming is getting baptized this week and it's amazing to see how the Lord has prepared him. He has been in contact with the church for over 20 years and the time is now right! One thing I have marveled at throughout my mission is how the Lord works by small and simple things to bring to pass his will.

Also this week we had a special Taiwan and Hong Kong Broadcast thing for Church. It was really great, it was mostly a training on how to implement the new ministering program. Several things stuck out to me, one was that the Savior, the greatest minister the world has ever seen, walked for miles and miles ministering one by one seeking out the needs of individuals healing and ministering to them everywhere he went. In Malachi it speaks of the Lord coming to those in need with healing in his wings. What a blessing it is to have the teachings and example of the Savior.

One thing that I particularly enjoyed was that they talked about how everything will come to pass according to the Lords timing and that if we simply have faith and rely on the Lord we can see miracles. Recently in my extra time I have been studying the Old Testament. The other day I was reading about how Moses brought to pass many signs and wonders before pharaoh, undeniable signs that even the other Egyptians recognized. I thought it was interesting that even after seeing the mighty works of God he still hardened his heart and didn't let the people go. We can show people marvelous works and they will still deny them. It is only when we open our hearts and turn to the Lord that we can accept them. I just thought that was interesting.

Anyway, hope y'all have a great week! Add Oil!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: He gets to Skype home next week (his Monday but our Sunday/Mother's Day!)

Fun fact 2: He and his companion will be singing with the sisters in their area at a Relief Society activity on Saturday.

Fun fact 3: Mom asked if he missed/wanted any treats from the US. He said he got to go to an "American" store last week, so he got himself poptarts, candy, and Mountain Dew, so he was good.

Fun fact 4: Pictures attached are from a p-day excursion last week to Tai Mei Tuk, where he has been before. It's a reservoir created in an inlet, so the dam keeps freshwater from the ocean. They can rent bikes and such there and it looks like a fun place.

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