January 29, 2018


Sheung Shui


Elder Dudfield

The Chills...


This week has been a pretty superb one here in Sheung Shui, we've seen a lot of good things go down this week.

Right now our area isn't doing the best in terms of investigators yet... but we do have a lot of good potentials we found this week so it's been good. This week we were street finding and we walked up to a guy and started talking with him a little, we asked if we could meet up and discuss the Gospel a little bit and he was just like, "Sure." Then we invited him to church and he just said, "Yeah when is it? I'll be there." The even cooler part was that he actually came! He was like the most willing person from the street that I've ever met, so we'll see how it goes.

Also, more good news. One of my investigators from TKO is still doing well and will probably be baptized in February! I guess the Elders taught tithing the other day and his only question was "how do I pay it?" The Lord truly prepares his people.

Also, this week we get to go to the temple. It's such a blessing to have a temple in the mission, it really is such a heaven on earth. It is really quite a blessing to serve the Lord, I get to learn so much!

Anyway, hope you have a good week! Add Oil!

Elder Ashton

P.S. I forgot to explain the title... it's going to be cold here this week ⛄

Fun fact 1: He's been busy, but the pictures attached are from a Pixar exhibit they went to on a p-day.

Fun fact 2: He said that the people in his area are great!

Fun fact 3: He mentioned it being cold-today the high was 48 with 78% humidity, so a little cool, supposed to be a little warmer this week, so I think he'll survive.

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