October 23, 2017


Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong


Elder Adams


Oct 23, 2017

Hey Friends,

This week has been another fantastic one here in the beautiful land of Tseung Kwan O. The biggest news of the week: I'm a father! In other words: I have a trainee. His name is Elder Adams 石長老 (sehk jeung louh). He is super awesome. He's from Riverton Utah, just graduated from high school, and super diligent. Even though he is still learning Cantonese he is super willing to talk. Super blessed to have such a good trainee. Anyway, training is super fun you get to serve your fresh new companion and help him be a great missionary.

This week I was doing a personal study, and humility kept seeming to come up so I studied that for a bit. As I pondered humility and its importance, I was thinking that it's our pride that prevents us from becoming our very best. It's kinda funny because when you are prideful you try to make everybody think you are the best, but as you boast and have the attitude that you are so great you forget about improving and halt your progress. However, as you humble yourself you keep progressing and become even better. Especially here in this mission, I have found that you need to have the humility to accept that you are wrong at times and be willing to ask for help. It takes a certain degree of humility to admit at times that you have no idea what you were just told because of the language and then keep learning from those experiences. I feel like I am starting to ramble a little, so hope you have a good week!

Add oil!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: In addition to being a new trainer, Elder Ashton is now the district leader in his district (a small group of local missionaries, usually about 4-8). A district leader has to plan district meetings, help direct the work in his area and check on the other missionaries’ progress in the district as well as keep track of key indicators like baptismal dates, activity levels at church, new investigators etc.

Fun fact 2: He sounds really positive about his new companion, and as a measure of how far he has come, he knows how to correct Elder Adam’s tones. So that’s pretty cool.

Fun fact 3: He sent a ton of pictures, and a member posted quite a few, some are from this past week and some the week before, so I'm linking some to this letter and some to the previous one.

You can email Elder Ashton at

If you would like to send him regular mail:

Elder Joel Ashton
China Hong Kong Mission
18 Dorset Crescent
Kowloon Tong
Kowloon City
Hong Kong

Thank you for your prayers and support!


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