October 16, 2017


Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong


Elder Stansfield

Crazy Transfers!!!!


This week was great I'm gonna keep this email short because I am running short on time today, but first I'll tell you the news. We got transfer calls this week and this transfer will be crazy with 29 new missionaries joining us in Hong Kong.

I will stay in TKO, Yay! But I have A LOT of new responsibilities! I have been assigned to be a trainer and district leader. Luckily for me I got off fairly easy; my current companion Elder Stansfield will head to Tai Wai to open a new area, district lead and train! I am pretty sure that it will be hard but I am excited to act in faith and try to magnify my calling.

Also, this week was crazy because we had another No.8 Typhoon on Sunday so we had to spend another Sunday inside the apartment. :( Oh well, the work is super great now matter how hard it is!

It took me several months to figure it out but, I found that as you try to maintain a good attitude about things it makes everything better even if it is hard. Anyway, I'll miss the good old Elder Stansfield but I'm sure my new trainee will be just as great!

Hope y'all have a good week!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: The members in TKO ward are super amazing. Mom gets pictures and emails or Facebook notes from them regularly.

Fun fact 2: The pictures attached are from members, as he mentioned, they ran out of time. Apparently they did some kind of last P-day adventure for Elder Love who is heading home.

Fun fact 3: With his latest level 8 Typhoon Hong Kong tied a record- 5 typhoons at level 8 or above. Happened only twice before in 1964 and 1999.

You can email Elder Ashton at

If you would like to send him regular mail:

Elder Joel Ashton
China Hong Kong Mission
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Kowloon Tong
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Thank you for your prayers and support!


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