August 20, 2019




Elder Nelson

First Week at the MTC

The first day at the MTC was Wednesday Aug 14th, for the next two days other missionary would say welcome to the MTC, we heard it thousands of times. I met my MTC companion Elder Nelson later that night in our first class. In just the few days I've been here I've already learned so much more about the gospel. More than I thought I would know.

Day 2 to 4 our first full day, we wake up at 6:30 am have breakfast and then have class until 9:15 PM. Still hearing welcome to the mtc a ton because apparently we just looked new, but we accepted it. We had classes and workshops and on Friday we contacted our first investigator! His name is Tyus and wanted to see the hand of God more in his life.

Sunday takes a little to get use to hearing talks and prayers in different languages but you can still feel the spirit as they speak, the room is almost burning it is so strong

Monday was our first real lesson with Tyus and we taught him the power of prayer and how to pray so that he could feel the spirit daily. We asked him to pray by himself and that maybe our next lesson on Wednesday he could open or close our lesson with a prayer of his own.

Things have been going great here at the MTC, besides the few other elders in my district that are sick. Hopefully they start feeling better, we've given them blessings and pray about them daily. My testimony is growing and I can truly say this is where I belong


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