April 21, 2021




Luke Albrechtsen

Week 2 and 3!

Sorry for no email last week! These last two weeks have gone by so fast and they've been so great! I think the biggest thing for me that I have learned the last couple weeks is about the Holy Ghost. How important He really is in my every day life and how much he blesses each and every one of us!! Without the Holy Ghost, this missionary work would be impossible! And I know that a lot of the time when the Holy Ghost is prompting us or working through us, we don't really recognize Him, but that doesn't matter! As long as we are following those promptings and doing what is right! We have had many experiences as a district that have brought us closer and I am so grateful that the Lord knew exactly the people I needed to have in my district! Each and every one of them has taught me something! We've also had a few experiences the last couple weeks teaching lessons to people from Mexico. They all were very difficult, but they also went really well! I know that was the Holy Ghost doing his work through us! The language came a lot easier than I expected it to and the Spirit was present more than I thought He ever could be over zoom! Also, I have exciting news! Yesterday, I got my itinerary to fly to Mexico! I officially fly out on May 11th and go from Twin Falls to Salt Lake, Salt Lake to Phoenix, then Phoenix to Hermosillo! Crazy stuff! I'm so grateful to be a missionary and devote my time completely to the Lord for two years! Love you all!
Elder Wallace


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