March 16, 2020


Pulaski, New York


Elder Dorrity

To be continued...

Good evening friends and family hope you are all well.
So as many of you are aware there something called the "Corona Virus" which is hypothetical making people sick. Well they have sent many missionaries home who are in areas where the "virus" is spreading rapidly. New York is one of the best state if being able to spread the virus so they've sent some missionaries who have asthma or other health problems. My name just so happened to be on the list so I'll be sent home temporarily until it is over. Don't worry people there is no question that once I'm able to come back I will be back!!

Alright so last week while we were tracting... Wait wait let's back Tract. About 3 weeks ago this lady calls us and started getting all mad and yelling at "us" saying we knocked on her dad's door late at night and keep going back even though it was a while ago and wasn't us. Back to the present time now, we see these drunk guys and figure we'll keep walking until they hollered for us to come by. As we started talking this guy he became genuinely interested and began to get emotional. After we'd been there a while his mom wife pulls in and starts yells at us to get off of her property when she recognized who we were... It was literally the same lady that called us a few weeks ago. I'm thinking to myself are you kidding me!! Then we started walking down the street continuing to talk with the guy and his kids. We exchanged numbers gave them a Book of Mormon then we gave us each a plate of brisket he just smoked. Lesson learned - don't be afraid to talk to everyone!

Well I love you all and really appreciated all the emails and letters. See you all soon.

1. Shopping for preparation when the 2nd coming takes places.
2. Some guy we met hooking us up with smoked brisket that tasked mighty fine.
3. Pulaski NY. I know I know looks the exact same as the last area. That's what happens when you go from a small town to a smaller one.


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