February 24, 2020


Pulaski, New York


Elder Dorrity

Transfer Week

What's up everybody! Hope you all had a fantastic week. Starting to realize more and more there's never a reason not to be happy in life.
Well the time has come... And I recieved the news... transfered out of Malone and to Pulaski NY to be a district leader over a set of sisters again. My new companion is Elder Dorrity; he's from Morgan Utah and has been out on his mission for 20 months now. We're getting along pretty good right now which has been nice. Not gonna lie I'm super hyped for what the Lord has in store for me these next 6 weeks here.
Got to say been kinda nice being somewhere that's almost 10 degrees warm than my last area. When I got here they just had a baptism last week and had 4 on date. One of them told us he's not ready so we'll talk with him more when his sister and her family get back from out of town. Then the other 3 is a family that are awesome their only hold up is being committed to church.
Pretty sweet having a full size building where we can play basketball now lol. It's still a branch but I love it here so far teh people are great and getting fed more which can't complain about.
My companion, like every one else in the area has gotten pretty sick so we haven't really done a ton of work. Got to admit, never thought I'd miss pounding on doors as much as I did when we were stuck in the apartment. Being comapnionies with a sick missionary isn't the most exciting but we made the most out of it.
Spiritual Thought :
Elder Christofferson - "Unless you make a choice and commit to a certain direction, your life will be pretty erratic, and in the end, you will in fact miss out on most of the very best things." In life we must be fully committed to whatever we want to otherwise we risk the chance of missing on the opportunities that could have been. This could be with our jobs, relationships, schools, etc.
Here's my new address if anyone wants to send anything - 30 Delano St. Bldg I, #41 Pulaski, NY 13142 United States
Always know I love it out here and would trade it for anything! thanks for the email see you all next week.
1. Me and Elder Greenwood (my last zone leader) after our exchange.
2. Our district Pic the last week of transfer
3. Me and my new companion our first night together.


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