January 20, 2020


Malone, New York


Elder Cowles

Zone Conference

Hello everyone, how you all had an amazing week no matter where you are. Every day can be great when we look at it as a fresh start from what we've had.
This week we had a wonderful zone conference as always. Some of you may or may not know but we have new missionary handbooks. So Pretty much most of the zone was going over and clarifying many of the things found in the Book. I love being able to learn from the other missionaries and their devotion to Christ.
Some of my favorite things that were said were on the Path of Discipleship. "In order to be a Disciple of Christ we must be" willing" to "anxiously engaged in a good cause" (D&C 58:27). Also the path of Discipleship will have many forks in the path constantly and we will consistently have to choose to follow christ at each one.
Well it's safe to say the brunt of winter is officially hitting us. Have definitely been pounded with a lot of snow and cold weather. Don't worry though I am loving every second of it. It's safe to say when I get home the winter will feel like nothing lol.
I love you all so much and know that as we follow Christ and choose to represent him in all we do well find the greatest joy in life.
1. Tracting in the evening
2. Shoveling before church.
3. Eyelashes being covered with snow.
4. Zone Conf.


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