January 6, 2020


Malone, New York


Elder Cowles

It’s the New Year...

Hey friends and family it's me again. Your local missionary in Malone New York. Transfers are this week so you'll find out next week what's happening for me.
This week we had our last district council for the transfer crazy enough. One of the sisters will be going back to Italy this week.
On Tuesday we got to help one of the recent converts in the branch named Sister Gardner. She's super sweet and super nice, she'll be moving down to Connecticut to be closer to family. We drag around some of the young men with us so they could do something productive during the Christmas break.
Then the next day we help someone we were teaching move some of her stuff from a storage unit to her apartment. Definitely love it when we're able to do serve people, can't lie it's one of my favorite things to do here, especially when we're able to get others involved.
This week we finally got the cops called on us for the first time. The people told them we were "knocking doors too late", yeah whatever that means. Pretty sure the cops were more annoyed than anything. As a missionary pretty sure they respect us more than anything so their not gonna do much at all.
Well overall it's been a pretty grand week. Got to love it as a missionary. We had a solid 5 at church so we'll see if we can do that again. See you all next week, love you guys!
Pic 1: our friend Jackson at church
Pic 2: our district the last week


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