December 30, 2019


Malone, New York


Elder Cowles

Christmas time

Hello Everybody!!
Hope each one of you had a great Christmas and have enjoyed the holidays. It was definitely a day to remember for me.
Christmas eve we spent the evening making a ton of treats and goodies for everyone. From what it sounded like they were so that's good, but definitely the last time I do that much cooking until next Christmas lol.
Christmas we spent the entire time delivering treats to people and sharing brief messages with less actives from the branch. It was so fun and a great experience being able to spend all day Christmas in the service of others just as Christ would.
Funny story :
While we were tracting my companion had what felt like rain fall on him. It didn't last long then it smelled different. When we left a window was open and apparently a kid poured juice down the roof on him. Let's just say he's watching where he stands from now on.
This past week I have my second talk in this branch. I spoke on how we can follow the Savior in his ministry. The 3 aspects that I talked about were 1. How he loved 2. How he served 3. How he endured. Then talked about how as we do each of these things we become more and more like our Savior and find joy in life.
Thanks so much for all th letters and packages for Christmas, they meant so much! Have a great week everyone, love all of you!!


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