December 16, 2019


Malone, New York


Elder Cowles

Zone Conference

Good afternoon friends and family, hope all is well in whatever you are doing. This week was another great one as always here in Malone.

Outside of zone conference is been a pretty normal week. We started teaching this couple, Austin and Kasandra. They had a child pass away and since then they've developed faith in God. They are awesome and we've loved to eagerness to listen to our message. I ended up leaving my ear muffs there at our last lesson and when I went back to get them they were sitting next to the ash trays. It's safe to say I've had them go through the washer and dryer and they still smell like smoke. I learned my lesson to not leave anything in someone's house who smokes lol.

Zone conference was so great, we had our area seventy there to train us, Elder Randle K. Bennett whose amazing. Here's a couple of my favorite things that were mentioned in zone conference. People can be brought to us by our faith and through our faith the Lord puts people in our path. The windows of heaven are shut when we don't have positive attitudes. Our faith and attitudes was a huge part of it because if it deminishes because of winter then the work will as well. We were asked to study one of Elder Holland's talks called "tongue of angels" its so good and teaches us how powerful our words can be.
He told us a story how he asked president Nelson a month ago how he's so faithful and positive when his proselytizing ground is planet earth. The prophet stopped and told him
1. "I know whose in charge"
2. "I know who will win" then he put on a big smile and said so let's get to work.
I love the prophet so much, he's truly inspiring.

Spiritual Thought
Alma 7:7 “There be many things to come; [but] behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than they all— … the Redeemer [who] liveth and cometh among his people.” During this time of year so many people will spend their rivoted around Christmas trees, presents, and lights. They more times than not forget who is the source of all light. Let us not get caught up in the husel and busel that we forget what this is all about. I know our Redeamer lives and gave the greatest gift - eturnal life.

Love you all so much and thanks for the support I've received from each one you!

Zone conference


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