December 9, 2019


Malone, New York


Elder Cowles

Quick update here in Malone, NY

Good evening friends and family! Hope all is well for each of you where ever you are.
After one of our appointments Tuesday we got a call from the branch president's wife asking if we could come and give him a blessing since he just had knee surgery. We headed there immediately and I was able to give him a blessing. The next morning both of them messaged us how grateful they are for us coming by and that he's already doing much better. I'm so grateful for the authority to preform blessings as Christ would being restoration back to the earth.
Wedsenday we drove through the Anrondike mountains for district council and swung by a few people that live out in the middle of nowhere which took most of the day.
We've been able to watch the Christ Child video is so many families this week which has been great. There's such a strong spirit that is felt while watching it. I'd encourage each of you to go to you tube and give it a watch - you won't regret it.
Friday we had interviews with President Vest which was sweet, even if it was only over video chat. also we met this really neat couple who recently found a faith of God because they had a child pass away. We were able to teach them the plan of Salvation and they enjoyed it and said he could come back so that's exciting.
Saturday we found a couple people who've had missionaries over before but just lost contact with them. One of them was the Durke family, they are really busy but have always enjoyed the missionaries. Definitely grateful for people being put in our path.
Last night we talked to this lady on the street and offered to give us her number do we could meet with her and told us a day we could. That was pretty sweet, never know who you'll find. Pretty normal week though, tomorrow we'll have a seventy at our zone conference so I'll fill you in on how that goes.
Spiritual Thought
3 Nephi 17: 6-9
This is where the Savior appears to the people in the Americas and they beg him to stay longer. He then has then bring all the sick to him and he healed them. I love these verses because it shows the deep sincere love Jesus Christ has for us. I know no matter what is going on in our lives we have to a Savior who loves you perfectly.
Thank you guys for everything I love you all!


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