November 18, 2019


Malone, New York


Elder Hamblin

A missionary in Malone, New York

Good afternoon friends and family!
It's been a great week as always here in upstate New York! Hope all is well for each one of you where ever you are.
This week we had a new friend come to church! His name is Jon and we met him on the street a couple weeks ago. He's been wanting to come to church for a while but has been busy. Then we finally got a member to give him and his 3 month old daughter a ride to church. Afterwards he said he'll want to come again next week which is exciting.
Also last week we committed Jackson to give ride of all the cigarettes and beer he hard and to not go back to them. I can happily say that so far he's going strong! He's so much happier now because of it and is learning to enjoy life. It's incredible to see someone find Jesus Christ and to embrace him in their life.
This was the first day in what felt like forever that I got to take a power nap haha. It was pretty refreshing much need I'm not gonna lie.
Last Tuesday we had a lot fo success going out finding with snow shovels. I think we help 5 different people with their driveways that morning and invited all of them to church.
We had exchanges with the zone leader and his companion which was pretty fun and always makes the week go by fast. I loved being with the zone leader and learning from his example since he's near the end of his mission.
On Thursday we had a mission wide video chat to briefly talk about Light the World then discuss the new missionary handbook. It's pretty exciting all the changes that will be happening. We'll have to wait until the January zone conference for them to take effect. The handbook is available on gospel library but wait be used until January sadly. It's pretty sweet since it's based on principles rather than a list of do's and don'ts.
All in all its been a pretty normal week just the usual. Working a lot on help less active families come back to church. Sure do love you all and appreciate all the email they truly do help!
Spiritual thought
Been studying about the Savior in the Book of Mormon and I read 1 Nephi 11:26-33 when an angel appears to Nephi and tells him about how christ shall come and all he'll do for his people. Then I read 3 Nephi 27:14-15 where the Savior tells us that he was lifted on the cross the draw all men unto me. And then I read Hebrews 12:2 where Paul teaches the joy Christ had while enduring the cross. I love learning about the Savior because the more I do the more I realize just how much he loves each one of you.
1. Me and Elder Thornton
2. Tracting in the snow
3. A piece of ice in one hand and my Book of Mormon in the other


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