November 11, 2019


Malone, New York


Elder Hamblin

Winter is here

Good afternoon fam and friends!!!!

Well this has been a good week that included a lot of this white stuff sticking to the ground. Pretty sure winter came a month early this year for us. Winter decided to suprise us and came early in the north country. We hear from all the locals its coming soon but its hard to believe until you go to sleep with no snow then wake up to a couple inches. Our new method for finding has been decided as spontanious snow removal for people after deep consideration between me and my companion. I'm already looking forward to winter here and it has only just begun.

As always at this time of year we begin that extra emphasis to be Christ-like. You know what that means, time for "Light the World". If you aren't familar with this its one of the church's programs they do around Christmas time. We had a mission wide call to train on how we can help other know what its all about. The next couple of weeks we are hyping everyone up for it this year trying to get everyone excited to celebrate the Savior's birth. Here's a challenge I have for each of you - go to and you can sign up using your phone number for daily reminders of ways to be a light in other people's lives. I know by doing this you will find great joy in helping those around you.

Exchanges were this week which was a party. I got to go with Elder Mehr to Plattsburgh. Pretty sweet since this was my first companion area right before he came to be with me. Exchanges are great since it gives us an opportunity to learn from other missionaries and what they do to help others.

Here's a miracle that we had, last week someone we were teaching appolagized because he handed out his Book of Mormon to a friend. We said that was awesome and we gave him another one. Well we came back to teach him Saturday night and the same thing happened, he had handed it out again and appolagized. Then he said he'd invite them to church. I seriously love it when people who aren't even members help out in missionary work! I know each of us can do the same as we talk about how this gospel has blessed us.

Here's a scripture I loved this past week. 2 Nephi 32:9 - it teaches that as we prayer to our father in heaven that he will concencrate our efforts for our gain! I love this gospel so much and know that true happiness comes through it than anywhere else.

1. Me and my companion helping someone build a home.
2. The first day it snowed
3. Me and Elder Mehr


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