October 21, 2019


Malone, New York


Elder Hamblin

Transfer Week!

Hello family and friends!
Well it's safe to say that many are cold but few are frozen. Haha I've been transfered to Malone, New York. I'm in a cold mission and I'm going to the very north part just before winter so this is going to be fun. The area boarders Canada so I'll hopefully meet some Canadians while I'm here.

       Also fun fact I'll be the district leader here so that'll be a good change of pace for me. Guess my mission president has more trust in me than I thought he did, he said he was putting me with someone who'd been struggling so I'd have to remain positive. My companion's name is Elder Hamblin, he's from Rosevelt Utah and has been on his mission for almost a year now. Definitely threw me off when I got the call since I just barely got done with training, but just got to go for it. My moto for this area will be "come what may and love it", after Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's last talk. Definitely recommend giving it a listen, it's not too long, you'll get a good laugh.

        Alright so our first night we went by someone in the neighborhood who feeds us sometimes so I can get familiar with people. When we sat down for a bit he asked me what my first name was, thinking he could take a joke I looked down at my name tag and said Elder. Well he didn't think it was funny. He gave me a straight face and told me I could walk out the door. Apparently he didn't think it was funny, so well see if he still invites us over again or not. I politely told him we are representing the Savior so we don't go by our first names.

        I had a really neat experience happen last night. We were tracking a few streets and knocked on a house with lots of cars in front of it. They said come on in, I told them we're with the church and they still said to come in. We walked in and there were a bunch of people sitting there eating food and watching the game. They asked if we wanted some food. It was so weird for us having people that don't know who we are treat us so kindly simply by who we are. When we left they gave us some apples and said we could come back again. Crazy all the miracles you can see when you open your eyes.

     It's amazing how God can see the whole picture in our lives. I found out why I was sent here my first day. In my last area a member of the church recently got back from his mission. While talking about himself he said his mom had not been baptized yet. Then once I got here to Malone I found out his mom lives here!!!! I talked with her for a while and we'll be teaching her Tuesday. I know the lord sent me here to help his mom enter the waters of baptism.
      Well I love being out here so much. I can say it over and over again!!! I appreciate all the emails that you send - it always is so nice to hear from you all.
     Here's my address if anyone wants to send a letter or anything - 122 Park Street Apt #2 Malone New York 12953  

1-2 the trees here.
3 Vicki - someone we are teaching who's overcoming a smoking addiction
4 downtown Malone


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