October 14, 2019


Rochester, New York


Elder Bennett

Family & Friends

What's up everyone!!!
It's been so fun here in Rochester, not sure how much I'm looking forward to the cold though. Style is definitely a lot different here, everyone wears really nice shoes (Jordan's) with faded jeans and a throwback jacket. It's pretty sweet, I've really enjoyed growing to love all the people here.

Alright here's a funny moment we had this week haha. We were walking north of downtown heading back from a lesson late at night when we saw two older guys dressed up in the middle of the street. It was a busy road so they stood on the median walking from car to car. Then it became clear they were with a church. My companion told me "dang don't they look weird out there, what do they think there doing". Then I told him yeah its like looking in a mirror. There was a moment of silence then we started busting out laughing. Took us a couple to get our cool, don't know why but it was soo funny.

Had two exchanges this week which always makes it feel like nothing. Had a party it felt like when the assistants came to our area. It was so fun, I was with Elder Lee who taught me so much in a day. Mainly how we can be fun and personable with everyone, and a concecreted devout missionary has well. He ended up losing his tie so i gave him one of mine and signed it. Later he found it in his bag so he signed it for me which was sweet.

It's been a fun one here lately, definitely love good old Rochester. We picked up a ton of new people by simple teaching principles and prayer more often rather than getting their info and moving on. I'm sure looking forward to being out of training after these 12 weeks haha. Well find out if I go any where tommorow.

Here's one of my favorite scriptures, 2 Nephi 33:10. Teaches us that if we don't believe the Book of Mormon then believe in christ and you will see the Book of Mormon is true because it is his word.

I love you all a ton and appreciate all the emails. Thank you for the prayers I have definitely felt them.
1. My two trainers
2. Our last district counsel
3. Elder Lee and us haha
4. Downtown


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