September 23, 2019


Rochester, New York


Elder Bennett

Rochester Stake conference

What's up everyone,

This week was pretty sweet, we had exchanges again where I got to go to Greece and get fed by members. Which was pretty weird since when your in YSA branch they just don't do that haha. It was definitely really nice having someone make us a home cooked meal for a change lol. For some reason I feel I do better in different areas than my own so other people always think I'm much better than I am.

One of my favorite quotes from preach gospel that my mission president's wife shared at our stake conference was "True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior." This is so true and an example of this is if your struggling on being kind to other, you should study how Christ loved other rather than how others are kind to others. Once you understand love, you will want to show kindness to others and you will improve in other aspects as well.

One of the ways my companion has taught me to initiate conversations with others is with compliments. Most of the time missionaries will just tell people their message before becoming their friend, which should not be the case. So a couple days ago I went to talk with this person and after I said hi she didn't seem like she wanted to talk. Then I complimented her on the shoes she was wearing which totally changed her mood. We ended up talking with her for a while then got a return appointment with her which was pretty sweet.
Well finally got a picture with me and my new companion to show you guys haha. Had a pretty great stake conference on Sunday. A member of the seventy spoke on how we don't have to be full time missionaries to be apart in the gathering of Israel. He brought these two young girls up and had one of them explain how she invited her friend to stake conference and how easy it was. I love how little kids can be great examples to us on loving and caring for everyone.
Well I sure love hearing from you guys so thank you for all the emails see ya next week!

Picture: me and my companion with the mission president's two youngest kids.


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