September 16, 2019


Rochester, New York


Elder Bennett

Elder Christofferson's Visit!!!

What's up everyone.

This week has been pretty good my companion has been helped me a lot with learning how to be directed and straight with people, then be able to show love to them at the same time. I've been working on doing this for a while. I didn't want to come across the wrong way and not have the spirit with me, so I'm not too direct with people yet.
It was pretty sweet we got two new people to church this week. They were Anna and Jalease. Anna is someone we've ran into a few times downtown and didn't show a whole lot of interest at the time. Then this past week I asked her if she'd be interested in coming to church if we found her a ride. We were glad she made it even though you never know what to expect with people you meeting on the street. She ended up walking in and out of the meetings to take a smoke so guess well go over that with her before next Sunday haha.
Then we met Jalease as she was walking back to her mom's after doing some shopping. She had a few questions about God's plan for us and what happens after we die. We answered some of them then said we love to come by another time and answer them in more detail. It was so neat because she feared dying and what would come after this life then after meeting with us she felt at peace and comforted. She now is looking forward to going to church again next week.
I love how much this gospel can help others and answer many questions that people may have.
Okay so Saturday was amazing. We got together as a mission for the first and maybe only time to hear from one of the 12 apostles. Elder D. Todd Christofferson came to visit with us as well as many other local church authorities. It was crazy to shakes hands with an apostle and spend the morning with one. You could feel the power that he spoke with and how he knew this was with every fiber of his being. It's awesome being with someone that dedicates their entire life to serving the lord.
Some of the things I loved he said was that as we draw closer to God we will be closer with our family and the relationships closest to us. To never ever give up on anyone. Even if you feel all is lost. We should always Love Them, Pray for Them, never give up, and stay firm. We are not to be committed to one certain thing about the church then distrust other things, but be converted fully to Christ and we will accept all that the church teaches because it is his church.
Well I love each one of you guys, I may include more of the things he talked about in next week's email. Talk to ya next week.

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