September 2, 2019



Elder Hewett

Got to love learning

Hey Everyone,
This week has been another great week as always. Not too much happened but that never means it wasn't a great week. Thanks for all the emails you guys send, always helps hearing from family and friends.

Tuesday we did exchanges with the Zone leaders again since they are in our district. I got to go to Irondequoit with Elder Allen it was so fun. He's from Arizona and this is his last transfer so sadly he'll be going home this week. He helped me learn how to get our of my comfort zone by talking to anyone and everyone. Definitely going to miss him and his fun personality, he showed you can be friends with anyone and how easy it is to causal bring up the gospel at times.

On Sunday since none of the people we invited were able to come to church we sat with one of the guys the sister missionaries brought named Marcus. Funny story we actually ran into him and tried to set an appointment with him, he said he would but was on his way to meet with the sisters lol. This has actually happened a few times to us. He seemed to really enjoy it and i tried to help him
understand everything that was going on.

Alright so one of the places we love to talk to people is this bridge that connect to the university of Rochester over a river. We can walk it since it's not part of campus. The best part is they have to walk across it to get to and from campus so its great. Were definitely going to make them avoid the bridge lol when everytime were there we try to talk to them. It's a perfect trap for us since we focus on teaching college students in our area.

The two sister missionaries in our area are definitely teaching me patience. It was funny we tried to talk to a kid earlier on the bridge and he just ignored us. Then we turned around and saw him talking with the sister missionaries, later we found out they got a return appointment to visit with him. I'm learning out here that success is not based on numbers and stats, it's on your growth and progress. I've had plenty of that and I find when I learn to love the people here our success increases dramatically.

We ran into this guy named Rich for like 10 seconds on college town, he said he doesn't agree with what our church teaches then kept walking. We didn't think anything of it until later we got a call from online missionaries saying someone wanted to meet with us and apologize if he had offended us or anything. We didn't know what to think at first haha. We met with him on Saturday and he had a list of questions for us. This was definitely a first for us seeing someone then them reaching out later. He wasn't too open to what we had to say so all we could do was bear testimony to him of what we knew to be true.

We had a great conversation with this couple downtown who go to another church. When we were about ready to leave he asked if we could all hold hands and pray. We just went with it and surprisingly it was pretty good even though it was awkward for me being it public doing it.

Well I'll try to make my email longer next week I didn't have too much time today. Love you all and am so grateful for each one of you.


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