August 26, 2019



Elder Hewett

Temple trip

Hey family and friends!
Well we've been planning this for a while, me and my companion got to go to the temple this morning. It was so neat going and doing a session there especially with having been there a few years ago not realizing I'd be back so soon. Hopefully I'll be able to go 6 months from now as long as we are close enough to it. Definitely realized just how lucky we are to be from Utah where temples are so close to us that we
It's crazy, no matter how many times I go to the temple I always learn so much. Just as I do each time I visit the house of the Lord. Honestly, going to the Temple is when I feel most at home out of all of the experiences that I've had here. The spirit that prevails there is the same, it is the literal House of God, and I feel much closer to each of you as I pray for all of you in the Temple than I do any other time in my week.
A valuable lesson I learned this week that my mom will think is funny was don't put 4 bananas in for pancakes even if you may think it's a good idea - especially if its just yourself. You end up with scrambled pancakes and it's just not the same plus no matter how much of a good idea you may think it is that is too many pancakes at once - trust me. But the upside was our apartment smelled like banana for most of the day.
It was so cool on Sunday Junda (one of our recent converts who got baptized last Saturday) spoke in church and it was soo good. The spirit was really strong and you could tell everyone was truly listening to what he had to say.
My favorite thing he said was "let us not seek greatness and forget our own goodness". I loved this and he went on to compared it to when you meet God he won't say that's a great house and car you got yourself, but rather you were a greater father/mother and you had a good heart being selfless to others. He talked about the importance of developing relationships in life and I can testify of that. Some of the things I'm most proud of are the relationships I've build during my life so far-especially with you guys. I know they are where true happiness is found.
Know I love you all and you all hold a special place in my heart. Keep being yourself and never think you have to change just to impress someone else, who you are is the most important thing about yourself.


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