August 12, 2019



Elder Hewett

Zone conference

Hey family and friends. Love each one of you and hope you'll are enjoying life. I'm learning so much each day from my trainer and experiences here. We're starting to have more and more success lately. We seem great at scheduling return appointments, but sadly a lot of them don't end up happening. I'm sure looking forward to fall semester of college starting here so there's a lot more students to talk to. Then it's also hard because they are always so busy with school.
Something that I've found out here is you want to find the people who have the quality of life balanced with time. Many people have lots of time but their living conditions are poor and they have a hard time reading and comprehending what we teach. Then we have people with lots of interest it seems and understand it but their schedules are so busy with school and work it's hard to meet with them. I know the lord has guided us to many people that are ready to meet with us.
So here's something kind of funny but not really since it was a typical week here. On Saturday we were street contacting near our house and met this guy hesitant about what we believed but would talk with us. We walked with him for like half an hour towards his house. While we walked we talked about what we knew to be true and he kept trying to question us and prove us wrong. When we got close to his house he said okay I don't want you to know where I live so we stopped there and talked for a bit. Hoping we could get a time where we can come back and visit with him again since it seemed to be going well. Then he said alright bye, and just walked away without really saying too much to us. Both of us were like, uh what just happened, we let me leave and didn't say anything. It definitely threw us off and we chuckled for a bit. Just a bummer we talked with him for a while and didn't get anywhere, just hope we gave a good impression of the church to him.
Early that day we got a text from a member in the branch who needed some help moving, and of course we were glad to help. We got there and they were almost done since her mom and sister were there as well. Even though it seemed we did little to nothing they were so appreciative towards us. They ended up taking us to an awesome barbecue restaurant called Dinosaur barbeque. Loved the brisket there and sure my dad would have been jealous haha. After this I don't mind helping members out, don't get me wrong we tried to her she didn't have to but she wouldn't take it.
I'm finding out that branches often do a "Munch and Mingle" once a month. This is where they do a lunch with lots and treats and we can get to know lots of the members after church. This was so cool you could really see the fellowshiping this creates in a branch and brings them closer together.
Here's a scripture I read this week that I loved. 3 Nephi 13: 21 "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also". I liked this because it shows that wherever our desires are that will be where our heart is focus is. So we must be focus and prioritize the right things.
My heart aches for those who will continue to go about life without the joy of knowing that there is a heavenly father that cares and loves them and just wants to hear from them! But despite all the downs we have a lot of people whose hearts are prepared to hear the message of a restored church. Its the SAME church that was established when Christ walked the earth with a REAL prophet and apostles. Most of us who already recognize and benefit from this are so blessed daily with trials that make us who we are and blessings that help us along the way! I love the gospel so much! And all of you! Would love to hear from you all. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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