August 5, 2019



Elder Hewett

Week of miracles

Can't believe it's already Monday again. Pretty sure this past week has went by the fastest since I've been out. We've come to find out knocking on doors has little to no success in this area. So our way of finding people to teach is walking through neighborhoods we know people are outside, going downtown, a trail next to the college campus, and other places like that. Also it's hard to knock on a door and hope a young adult answers since the church we go to is only for young single adults.
Tuesday we found out both of our headlights were out so we had to go get that figured out. When we got to the shop they told us we might as well go to the dealership since the car is still under warranty. Then we ended up driving to the old mission office to switch cars. Nice switching out vehicles when there all brand new lol.
Wednesday we saw the difference planning goals can have for this work. One of our goals was to teach 4 lessons and we already had 4 planned so we weren't too worried. Throughout the day we pray that we will have unexpected opportunities to share the gospel to people. At the end of the day all of our planned lessons never worked out. However, we still found 4 different people while street contacting to teach lessons to. This blessed us since often we will get discouraged with how often our set plans don't work out, but sometimes its because something better will come out of it we just don't see it yet. It's so awesome how technology has helped us so much in our work. One of the unplanned lessons we had was with someone over the phone for about 40 minutes. He works out of town a lot so we may do this with him often if it goes well.
Its definitely been hard for me getting out of my comfort zone talking to everyone, but it is getting easier. One of my favorite things that my mission president told us was that of we wanted to be successful at something we'd have to enjoyit. I really liked this since it helped we realize if I want to get better at my social skills I need to find joy in it.
On Saturday we had a great experience as we were walking from an appointment we got really thirsty from how hot it was not drinking in a while. My companion decided to walked into a store to get some water for the both of us. He had already order two waters with strawberries for 2 dollars, when he found out they don't accept card and all he had was 1 dollar. The manager was so nice and friendly to us from the start. He said that we could take them today and give him a dollar next time we are in the area. We were so appreciative. Although it was a small and simple thing he did for us it showed me that there are many genuine people in the area even though many worldly desires control many people in this part of town.
Had the devastating experience so far on my mission this mission and truly saw the work of satan. While walking along the college campus bridge to a trail we ran into a man named Newel. He was open to talking about religion and recently decided he wanted to become Christian. He had so many questions for us and was interested in what we had to say. We had a great conversation and was really feeling the spirit discussing how the first 3 lessons tie into each other. Then a man named Reed came up and totally shifted the conversation and the spirit. We questioned us and went against a lot of what we were saying. He caused there to be contention driving the spirit away. It was weird, we were being loving and friendly to him and he was almost offend because he didn't expect it with how he was acting. He kept bashing us and our beliefs. Eventually and my companion just bore what we knew to be true to them and said it was nice talking with them then we left. I learned that sometimes all you can do is bear your testimony of what you know is true then tell them to enjoy your day since you won't get anywhere with them.
Sunday we had an awesome church meeting. A convert to the church who is going to be baptized soon went up and bore one of the best testimonies I've heard. Afterwards he got interviewed and he had such pure joy and excitement to join the church. This made me seriously so happy to see the effects we can have as a missionary and this makes me look forward to when I can help someone get to that point in their life.
Well overall the week was pretty good even though we had so many lessons get canceled on us. Still loving every day I'm out here more and more. Look forward to all the experiences that are in store for me.
I love you all hope everything is going good for you guys!!
I'll have more pictures next week.
Picture 1: me in front of the Rochester Mission sign


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