July 30, 2019



Elder Hewett

1st week in New York

Holy moly! I'm in New York. The MTC flew by, and I miss it haha, but I'm glad to be here. I'm serving in the Gennesse Valley area. It's pretty much the city of Rochester. Definitely didn't expect to be in a big city my first area. My companion is Elder Hewitt, he's been on his mission for almost a year now and is from Spanish Fork Utah. It was definitely tricked for us the first couple of days here since it was a double transfer, which means we are both new to the area. The Elders here both us didn't have a whole lot of people for us to teach so we've had to do a lot of finding. Also they decided to take off some of the doors including the bathroom haha which was a nice surprise for us.
For the most part the people are pretty nice here. It was funny we had one crazy guy call us arrogant and say we think were better than everyone, we just simply told him we're talking to people about Jesus Christ and how they can find peace through him. Definitely been hard for us since we are serving in a YSA (young single adult) branch, so we can teach people between the ages of 18-30. Our area covers the entire stake but mission president wants us to stay within 20 minutes of our apartment. It's hard when we want to talk to everyone and teach everyone but when we have someone we are teaching consistently that's older we have to have other elders teach them that would be In their ward boundaries.
Its pretty cool walking downtown Rochester since we have learned that's the best place to run into people. At night you can see fireflies here which are so cool since I've never seen them before. We've ran into a couple people that think they know a lot about the bible and say that we are wrong and the bible teaches different, most of the time I want to come back at them since I know scripture that counters what they are saying and prove them wrong. But my companion is not like that and doesn't get in to that so we don't, its probably best since it won't even change their mind most of the time when they are set on their beliefs.
A lot of changes have been happening in the mission since they have combined the two missions in New York to make the New York Syracuse Mission. Our Mission President has really pushed us to become more unified and one of the scriptures he share which I liked was D&C 38:27. It pretty much says if you are not one, you not mine. This teaches us how critical it is we have no contention and work together.
Sorry I've been busy today and can't write more, I'm loving it out here and miss you all!


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