July 20, 2019



Week 3

Hello Everyone!
Well this will be my last email I send from the MTC. Crazy to think how fast my time here has gone. I'm so blessed how much I've learned about the gospel and teaching others effectively. Never thought I'd miss my district as much as I will when I first met them. I've made so many memories here it's hard to tell what all happens here. Definitely will miss have exercise time in the gym with everyone every day lol, been so nice to have a breather from the busy days.
Brother Marcucci (our teacher) bore a powerful testimony on just how much we can change people's lives and the joy he felt from it this past week. I've learned hearing his experiences this past few weeks.
Reading the story of Stephen in Acts 6-7 showed me a great example of how we should fear the lord more than we should fear man. That when we do we are willing to do whatever he ask of us knowing it will all work out.
Another experience we had this week was Elder Larsen and I had a member TRC. It's like the meetings that we have with the "non-member" TRCs, but we pretty much were told to invite them to do missionary work. My companion and I drew a young sister named Sister Jett. It was one of the most awkward experiences I've ever had. She was super shy and was not wanting to talk. I was asking my companion why she was here if she didn't want to talk lol. We would ask questions and then receive a 1-4 word response. Then we needed to extend an invitation, and it was clear to me and my companion that we would have to get on the topic of it sooner or later. So my companion said, "Do you minister to anyone?" It was out of the blue, but it got the ball rolling. It was a very interesting experience.
We had two new districts join our zone, so we had a great opportunity to welcome them this evening. It was great getting to know each of them just a little bit. We tried to give them the same loving experience their first day that we had our first day here.
Anyway, the MTC experience has been super great and I've gained a lot. I'm so thankful for this gospel and I'm excited to share it next week with the people of New York. Love all of you. Next time my email is sent it will be from 2000 miles away.
Elder Richins

Pic 1: Elder Collier (one of my zone leaders who told great stories)
Pic 2: Elder Roosna, my companion, me, Elder Hubbard (a 25 year-old convert)
Pic 3: Elder Robbins (could always make us smile and did the best winnie the poo impressions)
Pic 4:Elder Roosna (one of my closest friends here who always knew how to cheer me up)
Pic 5: Our district (don't how my suit coat looks lol
Pic 6: Elder Pilling (another zone leader who was a great example to me.
Pic 7: The Elders in our district with one of our favorite teachers who was always so happy


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