July 13, 2019



Week 2

Hey family. I'm loving it here, it's another week in paradise. The longer I am here the more I can't wait to be in New York. It was weird already being here a week and seeing all the new missionaries come in. This place is getting so busy but I'm still having a blast here. It's awesome seeing more people we know from our school come here knowing we all have the same purpose.
Me and my companion taught our first couple of lessons this week and let's just say the first one was a bit rough. Daniel (person we'd be teaching) was set on the questions he had and no matter what we would say could convince him to think different. He was good practice for us but let's just say we're glad we don't have to teach him any more. Our second person was a lot easier, she was a bit shy but was willing to hear what we had to say. Both of these have help me practice teaching that is hard to learn any other way.
The first Sunday here was one of the best Sundays I have ever had. We learned so much going from class to class. I have physically draining at the end of the day with it being fast Sunday we weren't able to eat until dinner. Although I felt so tired throughout the day I seriously loved it. We got to watch Elder Bednar speak on the Character of Christ which was so amazing and I wish it wasn't only available at the MTC so everyone could see it. This week we got to listen to two members of the seventy. Elder W. Craig Zwick Sunday afternoon and Elder Wilford W. Anderson Tuesday evening, both of which were awesome and I had felt that they were speaking to me personally and they really wanted to be there.
On Sunday I had suggested to elder Roosna that we do a group picture of the branch since some this them are leaving this week. He said that's a great idea and he would talk to others to make it happen. Tonight we were able to take the picture and I feel so close to each of these Elders its feels like I've known them forever. It was hard saying bye to them crazy enough knowing I've known them for less than a week. However, these brothers have shown to me what it truly means to have brotherly kindness to your fellow man.
Before I came here I had thought I knew everyone I had to in order to be a missionary. I was so wrong by that, I have learned so much on how to teach to where they will better understand and relate to what you have to say. The classes and teachers here are awesome, all of them are recent return missionaries who learn to share the gospel. This place has definitely humbled me by showing me that I can learn more and must rely and others in order to grow.
On Tuesday during lunch I can't remember who started it but we slowly started singing some of our favorite hymns and it was so fun. Everyone loved it even though we got some weird looks from people I'm the cafeteria.
Alright here's a funny story
We had service this morning and afterwards we had to hurry to class. After I showered my companion elder Larsen was still in there and I could hear laughing while I was getting dress. He took longer than normal to get dress, So I asked him, hey what took so long. He said, man someone threw a banana at me and I had to shower again. I laughed so hard then I was okay being late to class. Later we found our another Elder in our district (elder Saunders) had the the banana thrown at him by elder Roosna in our branch, then for some odd reason he thought it'd be a good idea to throw it at the person across from him not realizing it was my companion elder Larsen. They went back and forth about this for half the day giving us something to laugh about, even though our teacher didn't think it was funny when she found out that's why we were late.
Here's a scripture that stood out to me in my study that isn't a popular one. Mosiah 27:4 "they should let no pride nor haughtiness disturb their peace; that every man should esteem his neighbor as himself, laboring with their own hands for their support." I liked this since I need to look out for others and as I get rid of the pride I have it will be easier for me to love and support everyone I meet.
I will try to take more this next week.
1. me and Elder Larsen welcoming Elder Hacking as he came to the MTC on Wednesday
2. Picture of our branch the day before a lot of them left. Elder Roosna is the one that I'm on his shoulders.
3. View from one of the ponder rooms
I'll try to send more pictures next time.


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