July 6, 2019



1st week

Hey guys, it's crazy to already be talking after it seems like I just got here. This may be hard to believe but I am seriously loving every minute here. Pretty sure I may have the best companion in Elder Larsen, and that's not just because we went to high school together lol. Our districts is pretty sweet with three of the four companionships of Elders all going to the New York, Syracuse Mission. I'll admit the first few days here have felt so long and that we've been here a lot longer than we have with how busy they keep us. 
        Well for some of you wondering what a typical day here is like… I've seen so far I'll explain the best I can. So far we wake up at 6:30 have our prayers; scripture study and get ready for the day, have breakfast, then we have one of our workshops learning about our purpose and how we can become a better missionary, have some personal study, then we have our classroom where our teacher helps us learn skill for meeting and starting conversation with people where we'd be able to see how the gospel can in return help them, then we have activities for getting to know our district and how we can best approach people. We end the day with companion study, dinner then exercise. That's a typical day for us, however I'm still trying to get in the routine of how it works here.
        I feel like I have so much to say …Hope all of you had a great 4th of July this week! It was awesome here (after we went back outside since inside was packed) with all the missionaries. Before the fireworks we had a great devotional on the importance of religious freedom and the role we can have in it. Some of the keys things I took away were 1. View everyone in fairness and love 2. Let fairness guide how you treat other people 3. Stand up for fairness - don't turn an eye when it's not being treated the way it should 4. Be yourself and an example of the believers - remember when all else fails be the example.
        The Elders and Sisters here have been awesome to be around! They're so caring and it's so easy to become friends with anyone and everyone here. Alright I have to tell you guys a story that was seriously the best for me and my roommates. So our first day here it was the end of the day and we were getting all of our stuff unpacked. Then we had like the entire floor of elders that are a part of our zone come in our room at different times and introduce themselves and say their glad to see us and that we are here. For me this meant so much especially on my first day, I was able to connect with a lot of them and I already feel closer with so many even though it's been a few days. I'm loving everyone here and the experience that I'm having. One of my favorite quotes that was much in the opening meeting here was when a sister said " what day is it missionaries? It's a great day to be a missionary". Hearing this really helped me remember my purpose and why I'm here. After that at night I'll ask my roommates the same question looking to see if they'll say the response lol, maybe our last day they will.
         It's been pretty cool running into a few kids from my high school. It makes it seem that although I'm not home it can still feel like it at times. They called me to be the technology specialist which through me off haha since I'm still trying to figure out how the apps and emails work. But I'm asking people so I can better help my district when they need it.
         Well sure miss you all! If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll see if I can answer them today or by next week. Would love to hear from some of you. I can read the emails throughout the week then reply to as many as I can on my P- day.


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