June 3, 2019


Puerto Montt, Chile


Elder Goddard

Hello everyone

This week was pretty long although we were able do a lot of different things. My companion arrived safely. His name is Elder Goddard and he is from Alpine, Utah.

1. This week during my personal studies I was reading in the book of Ether and Moroni.

2. This week with my new companion we were able to teach a few people that had previously received the missionaries and it was great because they were much more willing to complete the commitments that we left them. And it was great because we didn't actually have records of the missionaries going there previously so it was miraculous that we were able to find them this week. They were called Ximena, Luigi, and Katalina.

3. This week I was also studying in the talk by Elder Holland about Reverence and the Sacrament. I was impressed by this part where he says, "It is crucial for us to remember that we are still commanded to 'go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day'." ... " Brothers and sisters, this hour ordained of the Lord is the most sacred hour of our week. By commandment, we gather for the most universally received ordinance in the Church." These principles are so important and I think that you will all be blessed if you sanctify the time you can have in the church.

4. I am so excited to be able to help so many others to work on their relationships with God and Jesus Christ. I truly can testify that God loves us and wants us to have success. The Holy Ghost can help us all to do what we have been blessed and called upon to do. I truly hope you all have a wonderful week and I shall see you the following week. Chao hasta semana.
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Stirling


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