May 27, 2019


Puerto Montt, Chile


Elder Vargas


Oh yes, how are you all? Honestly this was another great week here in el Campo. We had the blessing to be able to baptize Jorge Barria and it was awesome. Many other things have happened this week.

1. We went to all of the district meetings this week and made banana bread for all of the sectors in our zone and it was Delish.

2. These past couple days have been a little busy and my companion is finishing his mission this week so Elder VARGAS will be headed back to Argentina this Thursday. And I will be with my Ultimo companion Elder Goddard from Utah, not sure what city yet. But its gonna be great I have heard that he is a very, very hard worker so we will be good together.

3. The baptism went very well and Jorge and his family were able to feel the spirit very strongly they were very excited for him and I am excited for him and his family because they will be able to be sealed next year in the temple!

4. This week I will start reading the Book of Mormon in English for the first time in over a year and will have the goal to read it before I come home. I would invite you all to read the book of Mormon or read it more than you are now, As you read it every day you will have better days and will be happier and more peaceful. I promise you that. Thank you all so much for your prayers and I pray you have a wonderful week. Hasta semana CHAO

Scripture for the week: 1 Nephi 22:30-31


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