October 22, 2018


Valdivia, Calle Calle


Elder Neira

Muy Mojado (Very Wet)

Hey everybody!? This week was absolutely wonderful. And had a little bit of everything, But like always so very grateful to be a servant of the Lord!

1. To start off the week great on Tuesday it rained literally the entire day, without a moment where it slowed down so, and to make it even better we were without any appointments and we were out side the entire day. Had to change our clothes a few times but it was fun jumping in the puddles with My big ole Rain boots.
2. On Wednesday we were invited to the Family Home Evening and afterwards they taught us how to make Pie de Limon (lemon pie) And it was very good.
3. On Friday we were able to do some contacts in a new community that was built in our Sector and there were a lot of very very nice people! We were able to also help a few of them to chop wood and other things.
4. On Saturday we had an actividad that we organized for both the wards we are in. It was a Movie Night with Popcorn, Soda, Chips the whole gig. And we watched "Meet the Mormons". The whole week we had been inviting every member and as many people as we could. It was way way awesome because 15 Investigators came, a few from each ward, but only about 10 members came so it was a little different to Minister all of them but they helped a Ton.
5. And now for the Lords day, We got to the ward and the members that had the talks for this Sunday didn't come. So Me, My Companion, and the bishop got some surprise talks! It went well because the day before during my studies I had felt to prepare a talk. I decided to talk a little about The Book of Mormon and its great importance and that It really testifies of every aspect of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
6. In the afternoon we were contacting and we asked this little old lady if there was anything we could do for her. We thinking she would ask us to chop wood, Clean her lawn or something like that. But she told us that she needed help to put her chickens in their cage. 😂 so we were chasing chickens in her back yard for about an hour, (I also got a little bit of Chicken crap on my favorite tie ): )

Other than that it was a wonderful week, because we were able to get lots of time with our investigators and also serve lots of people. I love you all and invite you all to follow the invitation of the Prophet to keep studying the Conference talks and to make sure your testimonies are continually being strengthened. Hasta semana!
Scripture for the week: 2 Nefi 4:35
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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