August 13, 2018


Valdivia, Calle Calle


Elder Avilés!

Battle wounds

Hello y'all, First off, want to just tell you all that this week was pretty rad and that y'all are dope. This week was pretty interesting because I was super pumped for a bunch of appointments we had this week, and stuff like that. But on Tuesday right after lunch, we were in the house of our "mamita", I fainted on my way to the bathroom and crashed into a cupboard on my way to the ground. (Mommentary: SAY WHAT?) I got a couple scrapes on my face, but nothing too bad. (More Mommentary: Eliza, captured the spirit of Jarod best when she said "Jarod is just so clam about everything, haha - JAROD: I passed out, NO big deal") So we went to the doctor to find out what happened because it was very unexpected. And they aren't really sure either with the blood test and everything why it happened, but they said that I should make sure that I should eat less sugar and less soda and juice (Literally every time we eat with members they give us a big ole glass of one of these 2). Other than that, they had me rest until Thursday so I could feel better.

During the weekend on Friday me and my companion helped 2 of our investigators chop 10 meters of wood (by the way that's A LOT). After that we had a few lessons with a couple Haitians, Erod and Peter. And on Saturday it was raining super duper hard so we got soaked knocking doors until our activity in the evening of Karaoke.

One of the things that I was able to learn this week, especially because I was prescribed to rest a bit, is I studied the longest chapter in the Book of Mormon in Jacob 5 about the vineyard. Seriously though, it is very very inspiring, this chapter, if we really can relate it to our lives, especially mine in the mission field. Because the Lord really does bless us but sometimes there are bad seasons or trees and sometimes good ones, but it all depends if we persevere or if we give up. NEVER GIVE UP! But that is all I got. Really am grateful for all the blessing I have been receiving out here. Love you all. CHOW HASTA SEMANA

Scripture for the week: 1 Nefi 22:31
Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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