February 12, 2018


Valdivia, Rio Cruzes


Elder Burgess


Hey family how are ya'll doing!? This week was dope as usual out here in the campo. This week we were working hard and found a few more people to teach and they were super dope! One investigator is named Oscar and the other is Sophia. Found them both in my exchanges with one of the zone leaders Elder Comargo (as you see in the picture with the Easter Island heads) Also was talking with him and because there are a TON of Haitians here looking for work and most of them just know a tiny bit of Spanish and speak creole which is broken french and He was teaching me a couple short thinks like "Hello, I'm American", "I'm a missionary" and such in Creole that he has learned and it's pretty dope. Also this week we had a super good lesson with a menos activo (less active) that was baptized about 7 months ago where we watched "The Mountain of the Lord" about the building of the Salt Lake Temple and he was moved so much and just cried a little bit haha. He just really wants to go to the temple so right now our goal is to get him there by getting his interview setup with the bishop.

Now for a little bit of a funny story:
During the Exchanges on the way home from lunch to change out of our suits, we ran into a guy who speaks English. It was sort of a "Best Two Years" moment because I didn't realize that he was speaking English for a couple seconds haha. Then my companion whispered to me "Compadre El esta hablando Ingles" (Dude, he is speaking English!) So that was interesting haha. Got his number and everything and we are hopefully gonna get in contact with him this next week!

Scripture for you all this week is in chapter 11 - 12 of Alma when Amulek and Alma Roast Zeezrom the anti prophet. He just has all the answers to his questions. I'll be honest I have had a few times where people are asking questions like he was.
Thank you all again. Hope that you all keep having great weeks and I will pray for you! CHOW HASTA SEMANA


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