January 15, 2018


Valdivia, Rio Cruzes


Elder Burgess

Hola familia!

Hola como estan!
Hey everybody! First off, I just want to say that this week was super super fast and super different. We had our cambios (exchanges) so I got all packed up and headed out to meet my new companion and new sector. But at the same time it was really hard because I am leaving first of all my second compañion and also all the wonderful members and investigators that I had to leave behind who helped me start up the mission haha. But sometimes change is good because without it you wouldn't realize what you had or see the new things as well!
My new Sector like I said last week, is in Valdivia, Rio Cruzes. It's about 3 hours from Calbuco and unfortunately doesn't have the ocean view like in Calbuco but they DO have a sick River (Rio) and awesome sunsets! My new companion Elder Burgess is a gringo. From Washington. He is super awesome, has almost a year and a half in the mission, and is super cool and dope. (Mommentary: For those who don't speak "teen", "dope" is a good thing) His Spanish is super good. One thing which is super crazy is his birthday is on July 10th, seven days after mine. He has 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother same as me! (but I have the up on him because 3 of mine are imported from Taiwan jaja).
So this week I would like to tell you all a little story about Hope. So this last cambio or last 6 weeks we have been searching for one investigator that was baptized, Javier. So very long story short, Elder Valverde, my trainer, baptized with me the week before he left and the weeks after Javier didn't go to church and once Elder Valverde left he disappeared and we just couldn't make any contact with him. I had been praying for him every day until on this last Saturday He called us ( me, Elder Peña y Grow) and asked if he could play ping ping (Mommentary: could be ping pong here...not sure) with us at the church on Sunday night! Awesome! And guess what!? He showed up! So this was super good because neither Elder Grow nor Peña had met him and hopefully they will help him figure out whatever he needs. That's your little story for the week. I love you all and pray for your well being every day. Hasta semana!

PS. sorry forgot my camera in my house so I will send pictures mañana if we are in central

Your favorite missionary -Elder Jarod Stirling


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