November 27, 2017


Calbuco, Chile


Elder Valverde

Felizitaciones (Congratulations)

I don't know if I told all of you that I love you and that Jesus and Heavenly Father do too... but in case I didn't, I DO and THEY DO TOO!

This week started off nice with some lessons with Javier and also another very good District meeting, the last one with my current compañero and District leader (Elder Valverde). ​​ Great news! We had amazing success with Javier and guess what!? My boy was worthy to be baptized and we had his intervista (interview) on Friday and he was baptized on Saturday!!! Unfortunately, when he got home that night he fell down his precarious stairs and hurt his leg so he couldn't go to church, but we´ll get his confirmation done next Domingo. This week my wonderful trainer Elder Valgreen (Valverde) is headed home to Santiago with his family so I'm getting a new companion, Elder Peña another Peruvian. He is going to be District leader and I'll be in Calbuco 2nd ward still! PUMPED!
​Other than that, I found a super duper good verse in the Bible this week in chapter 16 of Mathew verse 26 The second question is very intriguing. I would like you all to apply this question to yourselves. My testimony is still growing and I'm working as hard as I can to tell everyone the good news! I love you all and God does too.
Hasta semana!
Mom note:
I asked Jarod two questions while he was emailing on line: 1) Do you already have your new companion? 2) Would you like to add any narrative to the pictures you sent or would you like me to just guess and make it up?
Here's his response:
"I get my new compañero on Wednesday and I think the photos can be funnier without a narrative." The only additional input he gave on the photos was regarding the sandwiches. It's all about priorities, folks.


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