March 6, 2017


Ciudad del Este, Paraguay


Elder Andrus

Week 76 (Ciudad Del Esteeeeeee)

Hello everyone!

This week continued with struggles but we saw the hand of The Lord as well and our testimonies have been strengthened.

We are not sure what has happened but we are struggling to find people to teach. We do not have any referrals from the members and it seems like everyone we contact is not interested.....but we are keeping our heads up and keeping on.

On Thursday we had a really tough day....nobody was interested in our message and then we had a couple appointments with investigators that had baptisimal dates. Angela and her brother wilson and also Estela (who was originally gonna be baptized this past Saturday but now has been moved to the 18th). So first we get a call from Estela cancelling (which worries us because she is not seeming as interested as she was before) so then we go to Angela and Wilson and before we even start the lesson they tell us their family (husband and parents) are against it and they would like that we dont and my companion were just wrecked....we were feeling so out of it that we opted to just head to the apartment and talk for a couple minutes before the ward activity that we would attend. That turned out to be great. We recuperated our spirits had a good time at the activity and then started to get to work on Friday. We were able to have a great lesson with Estela (who then came to church on Sunday and loved it and will be completely ready for her baptism on the 18th) and we just had a great rest of the week! So we cant complain. Like I said last week, the Lord will always bless us.

Tonight we will travel up to Salto de Guaira to do divisions with the District Leader up there and that should be fun to see the zone. I always love to interact with them and see how they are doing and hear about their individual successes as well. They always have such a strong spirit. Especially the new missionaries and up in that District there are 3 new missionaries. So Elder Andrus and I are excited for that.

Other than that not much to report. Something I have liked is that this week I have been studying a little bit the New Testament and I love being able to read in every chapter not only what Christ said, but what he did, how he thought, the love he showed, everything. It is something interesting that I have been thinking about and how in more ways than just one I can be "Christlike" in my life.

I love you all and hope you have the best week!

Thanks for all you all do for me!


Elder Willardson


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